From International Women’s Day…

Today is a day we celebrate women and the accomplishments of not only great women throughout history, but also the single moms working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

A big topic on our minds today MUST be the fact that, on average, nationally women still make less than men, 82 cents on the dollar to be exact.

61% of women say they believe the gender pay gap exists because employers still treat women differently than men.

Also, for their share of the workforce, women are vastly overrepresented in lower paying jobs.

In 2022, in an industry HEAVILY regulated by the Federal Government, only SEVEN of the top ONE HUNDRED airlines had female CEOs, and only 10% of America’s Fortune 500 companies are led by women. There is definitely room for us as a country to do better by women.

Again. On average women make 18% less than men who do the same jobs.

Here is my policy suggestion. Until we can close the gender pay gap, women who make less than the 2022 median income of $54,132.00 should get an 18% REDUCTION in their overall Federal tax burden until the pay gap is closed. It’s what’s right morally, it’s what’s right for women, it’s what’s right for our country, we need to do it, and if Wall Street won’t close the gender pay gap, CONGRESS should.

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