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The William Jefferson Clinton Library and Museum

Get the TRUE history of the Eight Years of the Clinton Presidency and the record economic growth and social progress America made under its 42nd President

True Leadership Means…

If we want to SAVE Democracy, it will take one on one conversations and sometimes we will have to agree to disagree and remain civil with each other.

You can help by letting your representatives in Congress know you’d rather hear ideas over rhetoric and name calling.
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I started as a fulltime on-air personality in radio before I even graduated college, spent some time in sales learning how to assess needs…

then spent five years assisting a Superior Court Civil judge in the court room… And I have seen first hand how many of us have lost our basic civility and kindness as humans. An Accepted Master’s Student at The University of Arkansas Little Rock Clinton School of Public Service, my goal is to help get America back on a track where we treat people at home and abroad with dignity and respect.

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From International Women’s Day…
Today is a day we celebrate women and the accomplishments of not only great women throughout history, but also the single moms working two or three jobs …
Policy Memo: Response to Florida’s War on LTBQ+ Minors
To: President Joe Biden Re: Policy Memo on Florida Passage of Ban on Gender Affirming Care for Minors Involved In Custody Cases From: Greg Albright (Incoming Master’s …

The ONLY way Democracy survives is if WE vote

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